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RVCA OUANO Shooto Gloves Black and White

$ 70.00

 Product Description

RVCA collaborated with Legendary Jiu Jitsu brand Ouano to create the RVCA Ouano Shooto Gloves.  Made with 100% leather, these sparring gloves are tough and designed to endure grueling training sessions.  Maneuverability is also key, with full wrist straps for a better fit and more support.  Available in black and white.  



  • Men's sparring gloves

  • OUANO X RVCA Collaboration
  • One size fits all
  • Premium design:  for high performance
  • Wrist strap:  for support, movement
  • 100% leather fabric:  for durability
  • RVCA logos:  Embroidered
  • Ideal for training

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