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Moya Adult Premium Belts

Moya Adult Premium Belts

$ 25.00


Moya Premium BJJ Belt - Crafted with a Premium Combed Finished twill outer shell, it offers unmatched durability and a luxurious feel. The inner ultra-light flex core ensures maximum flexibility and mobility, allowing you to perform even the most intricate techniques effortlessly. 

Comes with traditional ranking bar & combed finish.

A0- Approx 97in.          
A1- Approx 103in.         
A2- Approx 113in.         
A3- Approx 123in.         
A4- Approx 133in.         
A5- Approx 144in.         

Please note all belts are hand cut & crafted, the belt lengths above are approximate sizes.

There is a minimal percent (standard deviation) in each of the belt sizes.

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