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Combat Corner Prospect Kids Boxing Gloves

Combat Corner Prospect Kids Boxing Gloves

$ 55.00


Introducing the perfect training companion for your young aspiring fighters – the Combat Corner Prospect Kids Boxing Gloves. Specifically designed for children aged 3-12, these gloves are a crucial stepping stone for your child's journey in Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and various Combat Sports. Equip your child with quality gloves that nurture their passion and growth.

Crafted with unwavering dedication, the Prospect model of kids boxing gloves reflects the same craftsmanship that has earned our adult line the trust of world champions worldwide. Every stitch, every layer, and every detail is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

These child-sized boxing gloves are more than just protective gear – they're essential tools that lay the foundation for your child's progress in combat sports. With hand compartments tailored to young fighters, comfort and safety are our top priorities. Whether they're honing their skills on the bag, practicing drills, or stepping into the sparring ring, these gloves provide versatile performance that matches your child's evolving needs.

Take your child's training experience to the next level by completing their set with the Prospect Shin Guards, Headgear, and MMA Gloves. With a cohesive ensemble of gear designed to work seamlessly together, your young fighter gains a comprehensive edge in their pursuit of excellence.

Invest in your child's future as a fighter with the Prospect Kids Boxing Gloves – where quality, safety, and performance merge. Watch them progress with confidence, knowing they're wearing gloves that carry the legacy of world champions. Choose excellence, choose Prospect.



    • Features
      • Injection molded foam padding
      • Velcro hook and loop closure
      • Matte finish manufactured leather
      • Compact profile specifically designed for children
      • Attached Thumb
      • Wrist stability system
    • Size

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