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Society Nine Icon Lace Up Boxing Glove


Constructed utilizing a premium leather, a thicker padding structure and more room in the finger compartment for comfort and protection in sparring. This glove is versatile for sparring, as well as a heavy bag and mitt work.

Key Features:

  • Lace up provides for a truly custom fit for wrist protection
  • Thick padded protection around the fist, as well as along the cuff for sparring purposes
  • Versatile for sparring, heavy bag and mitt work
  • Grooves in the cuff allow for space for the laces to loop around and stay in place.

Care Instructions: Click here for more information

Frequently Asked Questions, including product, fit and shipping: Click here

Sizing & Fit:

  • The Icon Lace Ups have a bigger fit profile than the Bia Boxing Glove due to extra padding construction overall for sparring. They have the most room in the fist compartment out of all our glove products, but they still will be a more contoured fit compared to most sparring gloves on the market. In general, it is still a fit that is more narrow and shallow than most unisex gloves on the market. Reducing the depth and width of our gloves allows for a closer fit that prevents your hands from ‘floating’ when striking. 

  • If you are new to combat sports or are not sure what size gloves would suit you best, it is always a great idea to ask your coaches and/or trainers for their recommendations. Additionally, we've put together some recommendations based on feedback from other athletes and customers. Click here to read further

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