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Ringside Pro Panther Punch Mitts - Bridge City Fight Shop

Ringside Pro Panther Punch Mitts


The only thing wrong with the Pro Panther Punch Mitts is that coach will want to do nothing but mitt work. Made entirely of leather, the deeply angled striking surface and recessed contact target combine to catch incoming punches perfectly. A padded hood protects the fingers and a full 1 ¾” cushions the impact. Additional supplemental wrist pad guards the wrist. Striking surface measure 6.5" at its widest point and 9.5" tall. Flex panels integrated into the glove and hood expand and contract for a more comfortable, secure fit. The front seams are placed out of the striking area for maximum longevity. Simply slip the mitt on, and the hand will naturally grip the internal palm ball, making the Pro Panther Punch Mitts the most comfortable and functional training tool on the market.

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