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Fusion Batman Crime Fighter Women’s Leggings (Spats)


These Batman Crime Fighter leggings were designed to provide you with comic book-style camouflage, so that you can blend into your environment without being noticed. This will work especially well if your environment is inside a comic book, or perhaps a comic con?

All of the artwork is authentic, taken right from the pages of Batman and Detective comics, and these Bat-spats are guaranteed to give you all of the abilities of Batman at the gym or your money back!

Perfect for repelling nasty bacteria, these officially licensed Batman ladies BJJ leggings have a tight compression fit and make it tough for your opponent to grab your legs as you slice through their guard.

These Batman grappling tights are also great for wicking moisture away from the body, and will dry very quickly.

These Batman women’s spats can be worn under a pair of shorts, or on their own. They are designed specifically for a woman’s body, with a thicker compression waistband to help eliminate the dreaded muffin top, and so that they don’t ride down in the back while squatting. We also added in a diamond shaped crotch gusset to improve all around comfort.

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