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KOA Kornerman Office Assistant Bag


The KOA bag (US Patent S/N 16/522338) was designed with the comfort of the fighter in mind as well as ease of accessibility and functionality for hand wrapping. Additionally it was designed for ease of transport and air flight. I also kept in mind how easy, I wanted the bag to be for a coach as they travel to events and to use as a carry on should they need to fly to a destination to compete.

Here are some key features of the KOA bag:
            ⁃           High quality material used for the bag’s shell and interior.
            ⁃           Adjustable shoulder strap.
            ⁃           Detachable lanyard for scissors. (Scissors not included)
            ⁃           Outer compartment for laptop and paperwork.
            ⁃           Stitched logos.
            ⁃           Dedicated plastic tape retaining strip.
            ⁃           Dedicated breathable mesh pockets for gauze and tape.
            ⁃           Adjustable side snaps to attach KOA bag to most chairs.
            ⁃           Hands free cellular phone pocket on the fighter’s side.
            ⁃           Antimicrobial, closed cell foam pad for the fighter’s arm comfort during hand wrapping.


By using the KOA bag, you will provide comfort to your fighter during hand wrapping as well as having a well organized bag, right in front of you!

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