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Combat Corner HMIT Boxing Gloves

$ 135.00


HMIT Boxing Gloves – a true masterpiece of elite pro-grade craftsmanship, hailing from the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Immerse yourself in a world of precision and tradition, as these gloves redefine the art of combat sports equipment.

Elevate your training with the gloves of choice for top athletes across all combat sports. The HMIT Boxing Gloves encapsulate the spirit of Bangkok's legacy of craftsmanship, standing as a symbol of dedication to perfection.

Meticulously fashioned from the finest raw materials, these gloves merge EVA, Sponge, and Latex foams, all enveloped in luxurious Cowhide Leather. The result is a symphony of comfort, protection, and performance that's unparalleled. Every punch carries the weight of tradition, accompanied by modern innovation.

Featuring a secure Velcro closure, these training gloves are the ultimate partners for every facet of your boxing and Thai boxing training. From bag and pad work to drilling and sparring, the HMIT Boxing Gloves rise to every challenge. 

Step into a legacy of mastery, meticulously crafted by the hands of Bangkok's artisans. With the HMIT Boxing Gloves, you're embracing a heritage of excellence that finds its roots in Bangkok, Thailand. Train with confidence, knowing you're wearing gloves that encapsulate tradition, innovation, and uncompromising commitment. Choose quality, choose mastery, choose HMIT Boxing Gloves.



    • Features
      • 100% premium Cowhide Leather
      • Multi layered foams
      • Web Attached Thumb
      • Hook and Loop velcro closure
      • Available in 10, 12, 14 & 16 oz.
      • Many additional unique color options available

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