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Scramble "Athlete 3" Kimono

$ 165.00
  • Version 3 of our flaghship BJJ kimono, the Athlete.

    Crafted for jiu jitsu athletes, the V3 of our immensely popular Athlete kimono returns to a more traditional feel in the materials used and the cut. Returning manufacture to Pakistan, the Athlete 3 will feel instantly familiar to any jiu jitsu practitioner the moment they put it on. With excellent finishing and attention to detail the Athlete 3 represents the best of Scramble's manufacturing and designing innovations.

  • 450gram pearl weave top
  • 10ounce soft twill trousers
  • Comes in re-usable drawstring bag
  • Super pearly white
  • Neat Patches!
  • Sleeves!

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